How to Buy Plus Size Maternity Outfits? Check Out This Shopping Guide!

Let’s cut to the chase - you’re plus size and you’re pregnant. You know it could be a challenge because one of the first changes you need to do is get clothes that fit you well.

Your clothes will need to change for the next few months as you nurture the life inside you, and there’s so much to choose from.

Don’t worry though. There are many inclusive options available for you, so don’t feel nervous or worried.

Normally, when you search for maternity fashion online, you tend to find clothes that are made for slimmer women. With our shopping guide, you can now find a plus size maternity dress that maybe you couldn’t find before -

  1. Get clothes that can be worn after -

One of the main reasons that new moms worry is that post pregnancy, there’s no real use for them. If you’re plus size, this is one thing you can actually take advantage of in this situation. Look for items like women maternity leggings which can be worn during the phase and even after.

There are plenty of options for you to choose from, and you could also opt for clothes with belly bands which act as elastic. They go around your torso and sit right above your pre-pregnancy jeans, making you feel super comfy once you’re done with your pregnancy.

You can also place them on top of your maternity jeans and they’ll be good. It can also be worn after the baby is born, as you transition back to the pre-pregnancy dresses.

  1. Adjust the fabric -

Waist gain during and after pregnancy is normal and it extends up to 15 inches on average. In order to be comfortable, you can choose fabrics that have a little give. Woven fabrics like lycra or knots are great with a plus body size.

That doesn’t mean you shy away from other fabrics. A good outfit can give you shape and definition.

  1. Achieving that shape -

Generally, women who are pregnant and plus-size can find it difficult to find those clothes that give the right shape to their body. A good way to shop is to opt for V-neck sweaters or tops that can create the illusion of a longer neck.

Other options include faux wrap sweaters, empire-waisted tops and even baby-doll blouses that can make you look good. Your should also try out professional maternity clothes.

Whatever you opt for, the first and foremost thing to remember is to be happy in your own skin. With the baby incoming, you need to be at your comfortable best, so keep in mind rough estimation of measurements.

Embrace dresses of all shapes and colours and have a wonderful, happy and comfy pregnancy!