How to Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

One of the biggest worries new moms-to-be have during pregnancy is developing stretch marks on their bodies. If you’re a new mom, don’t worry. This is a regular and normal worry and is something that can be worked on, however, since you would be growing bigger do not forget to get plus size maternity outfits.

If you’re worried about stretch marks during pregnancy, here’s what you can do to reduce them -

  1. Stay hydrated -

Drinking water can help keep the skin soft and hydrated and this type of skin won’t develop stretch marks as much as dry skin and the daily recommendation for water intake is around 2-3 liters for women.

Caffeinated drinks such as coffee could increase your risk of developing these stretch marks, and you need to balance your intake with herbal tea, water and other fluids.

  1. Eating a nutritious diet -

Stretch marks can also occur if there’s a lack of nutrition in a few select areas. Eating foods that are good for your skin can help in this regard. You should eat food that’s rich in -

  • Vitamin D

  • Vitamin C

  • Vitamin E

  • Protein

  • Zinc

One good way to ensure you’re getting a healthy intake of nutrients is to choose unprocessed foods that come in various colors. For example, whole wheat toast, eggs and berries add the necessary colors while also packing in the nutrients. If you are working then you should take special care of your nutrition, and for your work purpose get some cool professional maternity clothes.

  1. Include Vitamin C in the diet -

We mentioned it before but we’re saying it again because it’s that important. One of the most important substances to keep the skin elastic and strong is vitamin C and collagen. It can help reduce wrinkles and prevent stretch marks too. Vitamin C is found in many veggies and fruits, with citrus fruits like lemons and oranges being good examples of sources of vitamin C.

  1. Soak up Vitamin D -

Low levels of vitamin D can be related to stretch marks according to a study and the easiest way to get it for yourself is by exposing your skin to the sun. It can also be found in cereal, bread and dairy products such as yogurt and milk.

  1. Eating foods rich in Zinc -

Another important nutrient for good skin health is zinc. It can help in reducing the inflammation and the wound healing process. There is less evidence of a connection between stretch marks and zinc but good foods can surely help keep the skin healthy.

  1. Using Essential Oils -

There are various oils that one can use throughout their pregnancy to avoid getting stretch marks. We have a wide range of essential oils that are multipurpose in nature. Choose the one that you like and use it to see the impact it has.

Thus, with these tips, you can help yourself reduce those stretch marks post delivery. Ensure you’re happy at all times so that your body doesn’t stress itself out and soon, you’ll be back to your fit self.