How Socks Keep Babies Safe?

If you are new parents, you might have various questions that you might feel too stupid to ask but its completely alright. Asking questions is the first step towards raising a healthy, happy and warm baby. One of the common questions that is widely asked by a number of parents is, ‘Do babies really need socks?’. 

We understand the fact that we reside in India, the country that thankfully does not face harsh winters but even a little dip in temperature can be quite cold for your little one. So it's always better to have an extra pack of newborn socks to keep the baby’s tootsies warm. In this blog we are going to talk about the importance of socks for babies.

  • Help stabilise their body temperature

You might have noticed that babies get unusually warm during summers or warmer environments  and colder than normal during winters or cold places. That is because unlike adults, babies cannot adjust and regulate their body temperature. 

Hence, if not socks, cotton or onesies can keep your baby at the right temperature and can aid regulate the blood flow. You can go for short ankle socks during summers and woolen booties with onesies during winters.

  • Safeguard those tootsies

Newborns and infants are too little to move freely on their own. Some either crawl or move around while some prefer kicking their feet randomly in the air. Amid such activity there are high chances that they might get hurt or injured. 

Baby mittens and socks can not only keep them warm but also can keep them safe from such injuries. Last but not the least, it also acts like a protection layer when it comes to anything hot or insects or any pets touching the baby directly.

  • Safety from sunburns or frosts

The baby’s skin is hypersensitive. Slightest change in temperature can affect the baby’s skin. During summers you can skip the socks but a thin layer of the socks can keep their feet safe and away from the heat. 

During winters, baby mittens and socks can keep their feet away from the cold and frost and keep the baby from hypothermia and other illnesses. 

When it comes to baby apparels, socks and booties not only keep the baby warm but also makes them look cute and adorable. Be it buying matching sets for your baby or stocking up for the winter season, Kicks and Crawl offers a wide range of newborn baby socks that are not only cute but are snuggly and cosy at the same time. Unlike other brands, the socks here do not wriggle off those little energetic feet and can keep the baby warm and safe for a longer period of time. 

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