Hospital Bag Essentials - A Checklist To Get You Going

So, the time’s come! It’s all unraveling itself and you’re finally going to have a baby. The next day or two in the hospital will see you experiencing a range of emotions but none happier than when you give birth.

Now, before you check in to change your life, you need to make sure your essentials along with some super soft baby blankets are taken care of. By that we mean, your hospital bag needs to be ready for the time you will spend there. If you’re packing for your wife, friend or anyone else, start collecting and you can thank us later.

So, here’s what you need to have in your hospital bag:

  1. ID - Having some form of identification at check-in allows you to complete your procedures quickly and also smoothly. Make sure you have some form of ID on you at all times, along with other documents such as insurance cards.

  2. Medicine list - This information will be asked of you at check-in. Even after you’re settled, they might ask for your medicine list. In case you’re in labour, it can be hard to remember things, so keep this piece of paper handy at all times.

  3. Credit card or a little cash -You might want to get yourself something from the gift shop or cafeteria during the stay. Keep a little money in case you’ve to make some last minute purchases like newborn baby wrap blanket.

  4. Personal hospital pajamas or gown - You can also get your own hospital gown or personal pajamas, or even change into one post delivery. You can get gowns that are available at different prices and you can get them in a variety of colors.

  5. Non-skid socks and/or slippers - In case you don’t like the socks the hospital provides, opt for non-skid options. You need to choose the one that has grips for proper safety and the delivery floor can end up being slippery and dangerous for you.

  6. Books or magazine - There might be long hours when you’re just lying down or waiting for the baby to kick. You can pass the time with the help of a nice book or magazine and keep yourself busy.

  7. Cellphone and charger - You’d like to use your phone in case an emergency arrives or to talk to people for support. Make sure you don’t forget it at home while you’re there.

  8. Pillows - Bring your favorite pillow over to the hospital and use it when you like. It’s a great way to allow you to enjoy the day with a touch of something familiar.

  9. Baby Essentials - Once you’ve given birth, there are some items you immediately need. Ensure that you have your swaddles, socks, etc. ready once your baby enters the world.

These items including a baby feeding cushion are a great way to ensure your stay at the hospital is memorable and a comfortable one. For more information, check out our blog where we try to make life just a little easy.