Different Types of Baby Blankets for Newborns

We all are connected to something or the other that helps us cope with stress and anxiety, be it squeezing on a smiley ball or having a fluffy toy to sleep. Similarly, baby blankets hold a special place on a baby’s growth as well. Just like we have our own side of the bed where we are comfortable sleeping, babies too have their own favourite blankets that they prefer over the others. These blankets not only help them keep warm but also ensure that they feel protected and calm at the same time.

Just like babies can remember their favourite toys, they also very well remember the touch, feel and the smell of their favourite blankets as well. Almost 3 out of 5 babies are quite attached to their blankets. They usually rely on their favourite blanket to seek comfort during stressful times which makes their bond with their favourite piece of cloth even deeper. Hence, at Kicks and Crawl we always suggest parents to select the best baby blankets for their newborns. 

Baby blankets play an important role in the life of a newborn. It not only provides warmth but the familiarity of a special blanket provides a sense of comfort and security throughout childhood. In this blog we will discuss some of the frequently preferred newborn baby blankets by the majority of the parents.

The first ever encounter of a baby is with a swaddle when the nurse or the doctor usually swaddles the baby into the blanket upon the delivery. Swaddling usually keeps the baby feel comfortable because the position reminds them of their time inside their mother’s tummy. Hence, it's quite important to choose the right kind of newborn baby wrap blankets or swaddles. From organic swaddles to ready made swaddles, there are a wide range of products available at our website. 

  • Sleep nests

Apart from blankets, one of the most important products that your baby might get quite attached to is the sleeping nest. Sleeping nests of baby sleeping pods are quite similar to baby swaddles but are not as snug. The baby can move around in the pod quite easily than the swaddles and are frequently used during travel. 

  • Hooded blankets

Hooded blankets are widely preferred by a number of parents for safety of the baby's head and ears. Newborns are quite sensitive to the weather and fluctuating temperatures and hence, the hooded blankets can keep them cool during hot climate and warm and cozy during cold weather making it one of the most preferred newborn baby wrap blankets.

Apart from these, there are a wide range of different kinds of blankets available online such as two way blankets, fur or muslin blankets etc. Kicks and Crawl offers a wide range of best baby blankets along with baby sleeping pods and swaddles. With the cold weather still in, this might be the right time to buy the right kind of blanket for your newborn. Check our website today to access the best quality baby blankets delivered on your doorstep.