Charcoal Diaper Inserts Complement Your Baby Cloth Diapers Like Never Before!

One of the reasons that infants cry is to notify us about their diapers being full. With them not having any control over their bowel movements, they can go hours before they realize something is amiss.

A lot of parents tend to think that placing a diaper for the baby is more than enough. This isn’t true because there might be an extra layer of protection needed to ensure hygiene and comfort for the little one. Charcoal is one of the more popular materials of inserts for your baby to enjoy a comfortable experience and here’s why -

  1. Bamboo-infused linings - Charcoal inserts come infused with a layer of organic bamboo. What this does is give the insert the required level of softness and also kill off any germs, while ensuring the diaper doesn’t smell bad either. The bamboo fabric is also known to absorb liquids at a much faster rate than microfiber or cotton and keep your baby safe and happy.

  2. Comfort of the fittest - The insert which comes with multiple layers keeps any water away and prevents the diaper from giving the baby discomfort or rashes. The long-lasting diaper cloth is changeable and ensures the baby can be in the same diaper for the whole day, giving it a much superior advantage over normal plastic diapers.

  3. Eco-friendly - The reusable cloth diaper inserts ensure there is less wastage and also allows you to do your part for the environment. The diaper insert reduces disposable waste as it can be reused multiple times.

How to use these charcoal inserts?

  • You can lay the baby in a comfortable position and use wipes or, best washcloths for babies to clean their bottoms

  • Place an absorbent cotton insert on the inside or in the flat on the surface and adjust the baby accordingly

  • Choose the right snap to adjust the diaper according to the child’s comfort and watch them crawl freely after.

Charcoal inserts are one of the best ways to keep your baby smiling and happy throughout the day. You can use them even while potty training and once you’re confident that they’re good to go without the diaper, life becomes easier.

It’s important that you have a good set of charcoal inserts and with Kicks & Crawls, you can gain access to a three-pack of charcoal inserts which ensure you’re covered for a few months at least. Once the baby runs out of them, you can easily replenish it at our online store for baby products.