Belly Bands - What They Do for a Pregnant Woman

‘Labor is the only blind date where you’re certain to meet the love of your life’.

If you’re an expectant mother, you’ll know that words cannot describe how it feels to carry life inside you. It’s jubilant, it’s magical and it’s an adventure all at once. These 9 months of carrying your little bundle of joy is also a time for you to take the utmost care of your health. A strong mama raises a strong baby.

As your belly grows in size, your abdominal ab muscles get stretched and this causes them to become lean and thin, leading to a protruding mommy tummy post-birth. This is one of the major reasons why most women find it difficult to get back their pre-pregnancy flat tummy even after years of pregnancy. The pregnancy strain can lead to lower back problems, pelvic floor dysfunction, or even postpartum hernia.

Belly Bands are an effortless and effective way to reduce this strain caused due to pregnancy. Let’s look at a few reasons how belly bands are actually effective for expecting moms:

  • Maintaining the Right Posture

Most women adopt the typical ‘swayback’ posture, due to the extra weight of the baby in the uterus. Over time, this posture can strain your spine curvature and lead to the weakening of your core muscles. Belly Bands help to support the muscles of your lower back and torso throughout your pregnancy, thereby enabling you to maintain the right posture.

  • Baby Let’s Move!

Light exercises are recommended to all pregnant women. Exercises help promote muscle tone, strength, and endurance, get you a good night’s sleep, and reduce problems of constipation, bloating, and backaches. However, most women find exercising to be painful and uncomfortable during pregnancy. This is where a belly band can come to your rescue. It helps to make exercise a much easier and comfortable process.

  • No More Swollen Legs

Since a Belly Band evens out the distribution of the weight of your baby bump throughout your body, you’ll find a significant reduction in your leg swelling too.

  • Goodbyes to the Sacroiliac Joint Pains

During pregnancy, a lady’s hip joints tend to become loose and less stable due to the increased levels of Relaxin in the body. This can lead to Sacroiliac joint pains. A belly band sustains your hip joints thereby reducing the Sacroiliac joint pain to a great extent. Wearing Belly Bands can also prevent preterm contractions.

At Kicks & Crawl, we’ve fabricated the 4-way stretchable Belly Bands that are specially designed keeping in mind the ever-developing body structure and changing postures of pregnant ladies. These Belly Bands will give you enhanced flexibility and support during pregnancy and also aid in post-delivery and cesarean recovery.