Baby Sleep Swaddles - How to Get the Right One?

One of the most important and oldest practices when it comes to keeping infants comfortable is wrapping them in a blanket, or cloth. The right technique to wrap can help them stay cozy while restricting their movement inside to prevent any mishap.

Such blankets are called swaddles and they come in a variety of styles and materials. There are numerous benefits that come with swaddling -

Benefits -

Good swaddles can provide your baby with quality sleep, and also serves the purpose of helping them stay calm and sleep better. Further,

  1. Swaddling can help your baby feel secure and safe as they adjust to the life outside. The newborn baby swaddle blanket easily recreates the environment for the baby that was in the womb

  2. It can also prevent them from flailing their legs and arms, which can trigger the startle reflex and wake them up

  3. It keeps them warm and cozy until the internal thermostat kicks in

  4. It can also prevent the baby’s body temperature from overheating as the excess heat can escape through the open weave, while keeping her warm and snug.

Swaddle cloths/blankets are important, but using them the right way is even more so. You could take some time to properly understand the tricks that go into swaddling but once you swaddle baby with blanket, it becomes second nature. You just have to ensure that the baby stays comfy throughout the process.

Here’s how you can choose the right swaddle cloth or blanket for your infant -

  1. Keep in mind the size of the baby and the ease of use that comes with the blanket. There are readymade swaddles that come with a zipper mechanism and velcro attachment options for easier handling

  2. A square size is the ideal one to opt for and you can also consider the elasticity, material and size of the blanket. Organic swaddles are a good option if you’d like to use them longer.

  3. The blankets need to be stretchable so you can wrap the baby properly, while the material needs to be breathable and lightweight.

You also need to consider the season your baby is born in and the room temperature of your home. The open weave can intensify the breathability factor and reduce any risk of overheating too.

Further, swaddles made of organic cotton are good because they are also eco-friendly and safe to use on the skin. You can also opt for comforting colors and cheerful designs, along with quality muslin material that can get softer with each wash.

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