Tiny Toes' Delight: Adorable Footwear Socks for Your Little Bundle

A baby’s skin needs extra protection from factors such as cold, heat, sunlight, etc. as babies are extra sensitive. Socks ensure that the baby is shielded from all these things even during sleep. Socks also provide added protection to the soles of the baby’s feet in the later stages when they start crawling or walking.They also protect your baby’s skin from numerous environmental factors such as cold winds and sunlight. And when your baby starts to crawl, socks prove to be the additional layer of protection from the floor surface preventing injuries. Here are some key
points highlighting the importance of baby socks.

They protect the baby’s feet

Socks ensure that the baby is shielded from factors such as the environmental temperature and bumps on the floor while crawling and even during sleep.. Socks act as a protective layer for your baby’s sensitive feet and thus do the crucial job of keeping your baby comfortable and warm.

Socks help in regulating the baby’s body temperature

Babies are still in the process of adapting to their new environment and can not fully regulate their body temperature. Thus socks turn out to be extra helpful in such situations as they help regulate the baby’s body temperature. Socks are even more important for babies who have taken a premature birth or have low birth weight as their bodies find it even more difficult to stay warm. Baby socks should be adequately thick and not cause irritation to the skin.

Socks from Kicks and Crawl are made of the purest cotton so that they are well-fitted and not harsh on the baby’s skin.

Socks soothe your baby and help put them to sleep

Wearing socks can really help your baby calm down when they are feeling fussy or crying. Socks have a calming effect with their warmth and cozy feeling on your little bundle of joy. You should however make sure that the socks are well-fitted and not too tight or too loose. Making your baby wear socks has multiple advantages ranging from better hygiene to getting sound sleep.

Babies tend to have a delicate immune system and sensitive skin, thus it is more important for them to wear socks as they protect the baby’s feet from all the dust & possible bumps they encounter while walking. Moreover research has shown that clean body ensures better and more sound sleep, thus keeping your baby’s socks on will also improve their sleep.

Cuteness and functionality go hand in hand when it comes to baby products. Kicks and Crawl offer you the widest choice when it comes to selected cute designs for baby socks. Our socks come in an exclusive assortment of 3-d designs that make your baby’s feet look the cutest. So visit our website to buy your little bundle of joy the cutest and most useful socks in the country.