5 Things to Remember Before Buying a Carry Nest - Kicks & Crawl

One of the most common items you need to purchase for your baby is the carrying nest. It’s a warm haven of comfort that keeps them happy and creates an environment they can sleep well in. It also helps in mimicking the overall environment of the womb and ensures your baby is comfortable and safe.

It’s important that you’re on the lookout for baby nests that have good characteristics which last the journey. Here’s what to look for specifically -

  1. Are the fabrics certified? -

One of the most important things to note while buying a carry nest for newborn is if the fabric is certified or not. Generally, the Oeko-Tex Standard 1 certificate is provided and this ensures the product is safe to use. Each individual element is tested for the same, including sewing yarn, zippers, labels, fabrics and more.

At Kicks & Crawl, we use only natural materials in order to ensure sustainability and you can be assured your baby will be one happy camper.

  1. Loose parts -

There are certain baby nests that allow you to use a string to broaden the outer ring, but we don’t advocate them. These strings can prove to be choking hazards and we would rather provide you with nests that are easy to work with.

  1. Material -

The material for the carry nest for baby is another crucial factor that must be considered, primarily to prevent the risk of suffocation. We’ve done enough tests to understand the limitations of the product and can assure that the soft material is perfect for breathability and firmness.

  1. Mattress -

Even if the baby isn’t heavy, the nest does need a mattress that is firm and sturdy at the same time. Our mattress has been tested in line with the standards that are set across the industry for baby mattresses. This can indicate whether the mattress contains elements which could restrict, hurt or even suffocate the baby.

  1. The design -

Most of the baby nests contain a space below the outer ring. This is to ensure that the baby doesn’t get their face stuck. The stitching of our nests are tighter, ensuring there’s no space between the outer ring and the mattress. This ensures the newborn baby carry nest has maximum breathability and ensures the baby gets enough air at all times.

You can head over to our website and get some of the best carry nests available. With our wide range and styles, you can give your little one the best comfort, and make sure they’re happy at all times - indoors and outdoors!