5 Snack Ideas for Pregnant Mom's – Kicks & Crawl

As a pregnant mom, there are so many times you feel those hunger pangs or cravings. With hormones all over the place, it’s only natural that you feel this way, but you also need to ensure that you’re covered when it comes to snacking.

It can be super hard to not give into these cravings, which is why you must find a middle ground. You can opt for some healthy snacks that do the trick without bringing in an onset of guilt later on -

  1. Apples and cheese -

Apples with hard cheese can be an excellent option for you to bring in the necessary amount of fiber into your system. Eating apples can also provide you with that much needed hydration - as you require it the most during this phase.

An apple can provide an average of 4 grams of fiber and is just 95 calories total. They also taste nice and contain pectin in its skin, which can improve digestive health. Calcium is another important requirement for you, and cheese can provide the same.

Keep some cheddar cheese handy as 1-ounce can contain up to 200 mg, giving you up to 20% of your daily requirement. Make these items a part of your new mom essentials list.

  1. English muffins -

Pregnant women require a lot of vitamin D as it can get absorbed in the body and is linked to preventing cancer, reducing inflammation and boosting immunity. You need to get enough vitamin D to support growing teeth and bones and can help improve the baby’s immune system outside the womb.

Egg yolks also contain choline which is essential for developing the brain and preventing any types of birth defects.

  1. Yogurt parfait -

Greek yogurt is one of the best items you can give yourself during the pregnancy phase. It comes loaded with protein and has around 14 grams in one 5.3 single-serve container. It also provides up to 15% of the daily calcium requirement as well, and also has probiotics that can help maintain a strong digestive system.

You can also top your yogurt with blueberries and enjoy that extra bit of fiber and antioxidant boost.

  1. Cottage Cheese/Granola -

A snack-sized cup of cottage cheese can get you 69 mg of calcium and 14 grams of protein. You can mix it up with juicy mangoes and enjoy the added bonus of 71 mcg of folate, which plays a key role in developing the spinal cord and nervous system.

  1. Avocados on crackers -

A mashed avocado spread is another excellent snacking option. If you have leg cramps, then this can help alleviate the pain as it has potassium. They also contain up to 114 calories so you feel fuller and enjoy eating at the same time!

So, with these snacks, your pregnancy cravings become much easier to manage. Keep reminding yourself that it’s all part of the process and you’ll soon be able to get back to your normal routine, holding your baby wrapped in a blanket!