5 Self-Care Tips to Follow During Pregnancy- Kicks & Crawl

Well...it happened! You just took the test and you’re 100% pregnant and ready to bring a bundle of joy home in a few months. It’s time to cue in the mood swings, bloating and other “changes” they keep talking about.

Becoming pregnant means you’ve to prepare your body for the arrival of a baby, but that doesn’t mean you neglect taking care of yourself. It’s the best time to enjoy a bit of self-care so you’re physically and mentally prepared when the time comes.

Here are five self-care tips you can follow during pregnancy -

  1. Get some much needed rest -

Now that your body’s going to go through a lot of changes, it’s actually the best time to get some rest. Growing a baby inside you requires a lot of strength and energy, so good sleep will ensure the body stays ready.

You can take a few catnaps right through the day and do so without guilt. It’s time to pamper yourself with plenty of naps so make sure your bed is comfy enough for you to get adequate, and most importantly, good quality sleep. Even if it’s for 15 minutes, make sure you sleep when you feel like it.

  1. Move the body around -

Regular exercise during pregnancy is helpful in releasing Endorphins and these are the hormones which make your body feel super good and happy. The hormone is known to boost your mood and taking a stroll once in a while can help.

You could also enjoy other activities such as walking, yoga, swimming and low-impact aerobics. These are great for the mind and body and will have you feeling much lighter, so, put on your women maternity leggings and get going.

  1. A good massage will never fail you-

Using a good relaxing oil to sneak in a comforting hair and skin massage is something nobody ever complained of. You’re pregnant, you deserve a little pampering. Not only are these oils relaxing but they ensure that the right kind of nutrition seeps into your body.

  1. Consume good food -

During pregnancy, you’re going to have hunger pangs where you crave for junk or high-sugar foods. This can occur especially when you’re tired and that’s why a good, well-balanced diet is important.

Foods which are rich with nutrients can help satisfy those cravings while giving you all the energy you need.

  1. Reduce any stress -

A lot of pregnant women continue working right up till the final semester and this can stress the body and mind up. It is during this phase that your emotional and physical well-being need to be at its strongest.

Try yoga, meditation and mindfulness to bring the mind to a more peaceful state and try to cut out any stress-inducing factors. You can also enjoy shopping plus size maternity outfits online.

  1. Nature is the answer -

Whether it’s the beach or the mountains, sitting out and soaking some much needed Vitamin D is one of the best gifts you can give yourself, and the baby.

Let your mind and body be still so you can focus inward and breathe easier and remain calm throughout.

Use these tips and keep yourself physically, mentally and emotionally ready during your pregnancy phase.