Reasons You Should Switch to Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Organic muslin cotton swaddle blankets are such a lovely accessory for your baby! The material is super soft, breathable, durable, comfortable and pretty much the best investment you can make for your baby.

The baby muslin swaddle blanket can be utilized in more than just one way and this makes them a super practical multipurpose product for your little one. Here are a few reasons you must switch to these swaddle blankets -

  1. They double up as a changing mat -

Muslin swaddle blankets are generally made with 100% organic material, and this makes them the perfect base for changing diapers. You can carry them along in your bag whenever you feel like and it can help as an emergency makeshift cover whenever you want it.

You don’t have to compromise by placing your baby on one of those public tables that have been used by others and these can be washed super easily.

  1. Use it as a nursing cover -

In case you require privacy during the nursing process, you can cover yourself and the baby with the cloth during the breastfeeding phase. The natural weave is one of the main reasons it is a breathable fabric and this ensures the baby doesn’t feel warm under the baby muslin swaddle blankets.

  1. Works as a burp cloth -

The swaddle can be simply swung over your shoulder and can help you burp your baby with ease. The material easily absorbs any spit-up and you won’t have to worry about over-washing it too because it gets softer with every wash.

  1. Playtime -

When your baby is exploring their world or just trying to roll over on their tummy, the muslin blanket allows you to have a wonderful cover for your crib/mat/bed. It’s gentle to touch and allows for a natural alternative to cotton whenever needed.

  1. Stroller cover -

In case you’d like to cover the baby’s stroller from the sun or any other reason, this blanket can be lightly draped over their heads. The natural weave ensures there’s always some form of airflow, making it a breathable and safe space for the baby.

Muslin blankets come with a soft quilted texture which provides great insulation for your baby. It promises to give them comfortable sleep all night, and is also breathable.

The cloud-like feel makes the best baby swaddle blankets the perfect accessory for your baby to feel super comfortable, like their floating and the material is durable too, and the perfect companion for their growing years.