4 Safe Yoga Poses For Pregnant Mommies

An ancient Indian form of exercise, yoga, has contributed to the holistic living of many individuals in natural ways. It’s a spiritual route that enables a relaxed and healthy body.

During pregnancies, doctors advocate women to practice yoga. With the unending mood swings as you start getting used to your plus size maternity clothes, sickness and fatigue, not to mention the breathing and leg cramps, yoga techniques and exercises can help alleviate most of the pain during this phase. While the complex yoga poses are harder to do during pregnancy, there are plenty more which can be done with ease.

Here are the top yoga poses to attempt during pregnancy for a simpler and comfortable 9 months ahead -

  1. Vakrasana or the twisted pose -

To do this pose, you need to -

  • Sit with your feet stretched in front of you (parallel)

  • Inhale and raise arms at shoulder level, with the palms facing down

  • Exhale, twist the body from the waist towards the right moving your head and hands in the same side. Swing your arms back as much as possible and don’t bend knees.

  • Inhale and come back to the original position and maintain your hands to your shoulder level and parallel to one another

  • Repeat both sides.

The advantage of this pose is that it exercises your neck, hands, spine and legs, along with giving your abdomen a gentle massage.


  1. Utkatasana or the chair pose -

  • Stand erect with your feet 12 feet apart and keep them parallel to one another

  • Inhale for two seconds and raise your arms and heels at shoulder level, with the palms facing down

  • Exhale and sit in the squat pose, on your toes. If you’re not comfortable, stand keeping your feet flat

  • Keep your hands in the same position, inhale and get up slowly and stand on your toes.

  • Exhale, place hands and heels down simultaneously.

This pose can help strengthen the pelvic and the thigh muscles, wear comfortable women maternity leggings during your yoga sessions.


  1. Konasana or the angle pose -

  • Provides flexibility of the waist, and the fat remains under control right at the waist region

  • Stand erect with your feet 24 inches apart. You can do this with the help of a wall

  • Raise your right hand and keep the elbow straight. Give a nice stretch upwards and while inhaling, bend towards your left. Exhale and come back to put your hand down.

  • Repeat both sides.

  1. Paryankasana or the ham’s pose with one leg -

  • Lie down on the back and straighten your legs and keep knees together

  • Fold the right leg in the knee right at the posterior side and breathe normally. Hold this position as long as you feel comfy and repeat on the other side too.

  • Repeat it with your left leg.

This pose strengthens your pelvic, thigh and abdominal muscles with ease.

Try these poses during your pregnancy and within a few weeks, you’ll find yourself feeling mentally and physically refreshed!

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