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Introducing an all new softer and fluffier version of Kicks & Crawl’s best-selling baby pillow specifically designed to prevent flat head syndrome in babies and regulate the temperature of their most vital organ. The ergonomic design with a concave center takes the pressure off the baby’s neck and head giving him a comfortable sleep. The 3D mesh design on the back is made for air circulation and pressure dispersion, constantly regulating your baby’s temperature. Now made even fluffier and softer, this will be your baby’s favorite pillow.



  • Ergonomic Design – Specially designed to prevent flat head syndrome in growing babies. The concave center helps distribute the pressure evenly on the pillow, taking away all the stress from the neck and the back and gives a snug spot for the baby’s delicate head.
  • 3D Layered Mesh – Scientifically created, the 3D layered mesh is made from interlocking material with air gaps in between them. Unlike other baby pillows, our pillow helps prevent the accumulation of heat and sweat due to this technology and constantly regulates the baby’s temperature giving him a comfortable rest every time.
  • Soft and Portable – The portable design makes it easy to carry in a bag for your baby’s sleep needs whenever the time comes. The new version is not only softer but also fluffier giving your baby a good night’s sleep every night.
  • Easy to Clean – We all know our little ones like to leave messes and drool every now and then, it is a part of what makes them so cute. Keeping that in mind this pillow is machine and hand washable and can be used even after multiple washes.



Cotton and Polyester


Wash Instructions:


  • Hand wipe any any immediate stains or liquid spills
  • Recommended to hand wash using mild detergent
  • Machine wash on gentle setting only with cold or warm water

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