Buzzing boys mosquito net bed

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Rs. 2,999

Your baby’s comfort in its first few months is extremely important to their growth and adaptation to their surroundings, so the last thing we want is any buzzing bugs to bother your precious baby’s sleep. Keeping that in mind Kicks & Crawl introduces an all new range of baby beds with a net covering to protect your baby from the tiny mosquitos. Made with a soft foam mattress, this bed ensures comfort throughout the night, and the free added nursery toys just make your baby go to sleep instantly. The center zip on the net makes it easy to open and close the net, giving your baby all the free space to play around on the bed. Buy this bed and say bye-bye to mosquitos!



  1. Generous Space: Made with generous space and love so your baby never feels claustrophobic and has place to play around.
  2. Openable Net: The center zip on the openable net makes it easy to put your baby in or take them out in an instant
  3. Free Nursery Toys & Pillow: The free pillow & nursery toys hanging inside the bed helps your baby sleep faster
  4. Multi Purpose: Can be used as a bed or a play mat



Cotton with Foam Filing


Care Instructions:

  • Do not bleach
  • Dry Clean only

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