Baby Blue Nail Cutter with Magnifier

SKU: 2158148

Rs. 249

Scratching your head over the safest way to get rid of your baby’s ever-growing tiny nails? Search no more, because Kicks and Crawl introduces an innovative new Baby Nail Cutter with smooth edges and precise sharpness specially designed for your tiny one’s nails. Its comfortable grip handle and detailed edges give you optimal control over your baby’s tiny toes’/fingers' safety. Also, its pocket-friendly size makes it easy to carry anywhere.


  • Designed as per International standards of safety & hygiene.
  • Made from the best quality of rust-free and durable stainless-steel blades.
  • Perfectly designed smooth but slightly sharp edges for a safe trim.
  • Well gripped handle gives optimal control.
  • Created especially for your baby’s tiny nails


How to use:

1. Adjust cutter’s angle in a way that it would be suitable for you to get the clearest angle of the baby’s nail

2. Keep the baby’s finger stable in your hand, and fit their finger/toe-nail between clipper’s teeth perfectly

3. Gently squeeze the clipper’s handle for a smooth cut.

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